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What is Work Camping or "Workamping"

The term work camping, or “workamping”, can refer to “any work performed while living in your RV,” but traditionally, workamping has been most commonly used in reference to the outdoor hospitality industry. Campgrounds, resorts, wineries, and ranches often hire work campers.  State, national and regional parks, and forests also utilize workcampers and hosts throughout their park systems. And, there are many temporary and seasonal jobs that call for workamping such as Christmas tree sales, Sugar Beet Harvest, and Amazon CamperForce.

Workamping jobs range in pay scale and benefits, but most typically a free RV site and utilities is exchanged for a limited number of hours worked.  Of course, individual offers vary greatly based upon the number of hours required, location, the time year, and responsibilities.

Why Outdoor Industries and Campgrounds Should Hire RVers

Take advantage of the opportunities and diverse skills from those who live the lifestyle and understand it. Let RVers do their best work for you, whether that be as a Camp Host, Web Designer, or anything in between!


Their understanding of the RV lifestyle allows their wide variety of professional expertise to be directly utilized by RV related businesses. Who better to provide these business solutions than RVers who understand the lifestyle?


RVers are the perfect hires… They come when you need them and leave when you don’t. Hire for seasonal, part-time or full-time positions and get the perfect person for the perfect amount of time. 


Many campgrounds hire RVers to live and work on-site. This is a huge benefit not only to the employers, but also for the RVers who usually receive reduced or free rent in exchange for being on-site to help guest when and where needed. 


Hiring RVers to work in the RV industry just make sense! It’s time that we actively seek those who live the RV lifestyle to be a bigger part of our RV industry businesses and company cultures.

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