Part-time Rush No More RV Resort posted 1 week ago

Job Description

We need a commitment from  May 1st or as close to that date as you can, until about October 1st.

One spouse would work in the office/C-store taking reservations, checking in guests, keeping inventory (mostly t-shirts, ice cream, some camping supplies, etc.) up to date.  We use Campground Master and if you go online they have a dummy site that you can play with to become familiar with the program.  In addition, you will be responsible for keeping the office clean and tidy (all office workers’ responsibility).

The other spouse would work the same shifts in the campground parking guests, taking care of the pool, garbage collection, cleaning the beer garden, mowing, trimming, light maintenance, painting and whatever other projects we have as needed.

You would commit to 18-24 hours per week.  It will almost always be 18 hours in three 6 hour shifts.  I try to accommodate your wishes as to shift preference but have to balance 7 couples’ schedules and desires.  So you will work 3 days a week.  The other 4 are yours to do as you please.  During the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally you will have 24 hours and probably more as we double and triple up our staffing on the busiest days.  It is all hands on deck for that week to 10 days.  I will compensate you for any hours you work beyond 24.  Additional hours can be worked in our security tent or in our café helping with preparation, serving and cleanup for our breakfasts and dinners during the rally.

In return for your time and work, I provide your full hookup site, free wifi, discounted propane, food and drinks, free laundry machines and a VIP pass that will give you free or greatly reduced admission to most area attractions ( a $3000 savings if you go to everything).  Of course, you are free to use all of our facilities like the pool and hot tub.



We have worker pot lucks and bbqs during the summer that are always fun.  Our Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon acoustic music jam sessions are great also.  If you play an instrument you are welcome to join in or just come and listen.  We average a dozen local musicians every week.

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