Lake Canyon Campground/Potters Pond Campground – Camp Host

Lake Canyon Rec Area

This position will watch over a 50 unit campground campground that attracts OHV traffic.

  • Black/Grey Dump available
  • No Electricity/Water(there is an untested spring nearby that most folks use w/o issues but it is not a public water system)
  • Closest Tested Water – 10 Miles(At Stuart Guard Station)

Potters Pond


This position will watch over a 19 unit campground and a 7 size group campground that attracts both equestrian and OHV traffic.

  • Grey Dump available
  • Vault toilet close to site
  • No Electricity/Water
  • Closest Tested Water – 4.6 Miles (At Indian Creek Group Campground)

Host site has greywater dump but not black(hosts generally use campground restroom) and no other hookups. Primary season would be from Early to Mid Juneto labor day. Would entertain monthly hosts especially for July.

Duties are your basic camphost duties.

  • post and check reservations
  • check restrooms/fire pits and clean as needed
  • be a POC at the campground and assist public as needed
  • If you are an OHV enthusiast we would love interested hosts to do trail patrols to fix stickers on trail posts, check trail counters, and be eyes for ever changing trail conditions.

You are not expected to work a shift. Our long time host at potters pond worked on average 2-3 hours per day worked. Some holidays did cause him to work more. More or less just provide a presence in the camprgound while camping on site and on the trails if the volunteer is interested. Those interested in using a personal UTV or ATV can enjoy the arapeen trails with reimbursed mileage while performing light duties like changing out trail marker stickers, monitoring trail counters, etc.

Volunteers will be reimbursed $25/per day worked(no matter if it is for 1 hour or 5), mileage on OHV and Personal Vehicle.

No minimums are required on hours worked.


These are enjoyable campgrounds, good trout fishing and are part of the arapeen ohv trail system.



If you would like any further information please reach me at 435-636-3579 or at

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