Sitter for Small Farm Sept 5-16 2019

Company Details

Farm sit for us for 10 days. 30 amp service, water, and access to house for washer and dryer and bathroom use.  Work includes feeding and watering 14 chickens and ducks, and two goats.  Would take 30 minutes in am and 30 in pm. Getting around 5 chicken eggs and two duck eggs a day, yours to keep. Goats just love attention, and to be scratched.  Very sweet tempered.  Dogs ok.  Fenced in  yard around house to let them run around in.  Chickens free range all day, and need to be closed in after sunset. They go in on own around 8 pm. Shut coop door, put up feed and change water out for them.  For the goats, haul water in bucket, and feed in pm. They stay in electric fenced area all day.   Two references required.  No prior farm experience needed.  Easy animals to care for.

We are located between two boat ramps, one mile abouts to each. Put your kayak or canoe or boat in and fish and have fun.  Peaceful and quiet 8 acre farm, not a lot of traffic goes by.  Quiet part of lake on our side.

Town is 15 miles to grocery and a hardware store.  Dollar General and post office and gas station are nine miles to town.  Hot Springs National Park is 30 minute drive to see the sites. Can stay little longer than the dates, few days before or after, if it helps.  No pay.