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Job Description

Campground Host

Job Overview:

Clerical office help who greet, register, and check-in/out campers in the parks. Hosts operate the computer reservation software and perform other financial and balancing procedures. We use RMS as our reservation program platform; again, working knowledge of the program is not mandatory but very beneficial. The host is the first contact our arriving members have with the park, so we require a pleasant, knowledgeable person who enjoys people. We want our guests to feel like they are coming home when visiting our park system. It is important that our staff can convey that feeling to our guests. Usually, the host is partnered with a work camper and as a team support both the inside clerical and outside maintenance requirements of the park. Singles may also apply for either position. For couples, we typically do not train both partners as hosts or work campers. This balance helps with our staffing needs however, this is on a case-by-case basis.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Greet guests in a friendly and welcoming fashion.
  • Effectively and efficiently operate park computers and reservations system.
  • Register and check-in/out campers in the parks.
  • Perform financial and balancing procedures.
  • Be knowledgeable on park operations and Escapees RV Club.


Please understand the training is applicable only to the eight Escapees RV Parks. These eight parks are operated under the Escapees RV Parks and have consistent policies and procedures. If you are interested in working for an SKP Co-Op you must apply directly to that Co-Op Board of Directors.

  • North Ranch – Congress, AZ
  • Sumter Oaks – Bushnell, FL
  • Rainbow Plantation – Summerdale, AL
  • Dream Catcher – Deming, NM
  • Turkey Creek – Hollister, MO
  • Raccoon Valley – Heiskell, TN
  • TRAPARK – Pecos, TX
  • Rainbow’s End – Livingston, TX

Pay & Schedule

Hosts and work campers are temporary part-time assignments.

  • Free site including electricity for a 20-hour work week for singles or a combined 20-hours for
    couples (20-hours per RV site).
  • 1 certificate for a free night in a full hookup site, at the 8 Escapees RV Park locations for every 10 hours worked = . (No monetary value.)
  • Laundry reimbursement $20.00 per month paid at the end of the full month worked or prorated.
  • Propane reimbursement in Turkey Creek and Raccoon Valley for December, January, and February.
  • Fuel Reimbursement*
  • Incentive Program*

Fuel reimbursement is paid .55¢ per mile or national norm at the end of a completed assignment of three months or more that is connected to another assignment. Only applies between assignments not to or from vacation or off time. Based on Mapquest miles with a direct route between parks. Limited to twice per year.

Incentive Program for Hosts – 8 months $750.00 (20 hours per RV) or add 4 more months to receive $1300.00 (20 hours per RV) Must all be consecutive assignments.

  1. Must be a 20-hour work week.
  2. 8 months of consecutive assignments worked to completion (full months).
  3. 1 year of consecutive assignments worked to completion (full months).
  4. Must have signed assignment confirmations on file.
  5. Cannot leave the park for any reason during an assignment.
  6. Based on the fiscal year.
  7. Trainees: The 90-day probationary period does not qualify. If offered an assignment after the 90-day period to complete the 4-month commitment the fourth month will qualify and be added to an additional 7 or 11 months.


We require a four-month commitment which includes a dedicated 2-4 week training process. After the first two to four weeks, you will most likely be moved to another park based on our staffing needs. Those who commit to more than 4 months for host positions will be selected first. This is due to the amount of time invested in training. We find that those who work longer after their training have better retention of the information and skills learned.


While we prefer staff to be Escapee members, it is not mandatory that you are a current member to be considered for a position. We select the most qualified applicants to fill a position. Your flexibility and availability will also help determine if you are selected. Trainees must have positive attitudes, work well with people, be ready to learn, and can enthusiastically support the policies of Escapees RV Parks.

How to Apply

We hope the information provided will convince you to join the Escapees RV Parks staff. Escapees RV Park staff members can meet the entire Escapees community and the opportunity offers many new friendships as well as helping to defer some of the expenses of the full-time lifestyle.

If you are interested and want to proceed, please apply. Should your profile and application meet the needs of Escapees RV Parks, we will reach out and provide you with a packet of information that includes applications. Location options will be discussed during our applicant review process.

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