Turner Medical Repair LLC


  • Founded Date September 23, 2019
  • Sectors Customer Service
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  • Employer Type Business
  • Job Location Types Offered RemoteVarious Locations
  • Company Size <10

Company Description

Turner Medical Repair, LLC was founded in 2019. We are a Medical Laboratory Repair and Maintenance company servicing equipment in the Great State of Alabama. Our founder, James Turner, is an ASCP Certified Medical Technologist (now known as Laboratory Scientist) for almost 20 years and was the Laboratory Engineer for a major hospital in Birmingham, AL for many of those years.

In addition to our business here in Alabama, Mr Turner is bringing his knowledge and experience with medical equipment repair to the RV community with his Basic Microscope Maintenance and Repair program!

This program is being built and geared specifically for the RV LifeStyle to make money and grow a business while out on the road or at base camp.  This program provides you with specialized skills that are a PERFECT fit for the RV LifeStyle as this work requires no internet, is non-seasonal, not strenuous physical labor, can be done as couples or as a family, is your own business, and can be done worldwide!

This program is a winner and can be a real game changer in your RV experience! Imagine people calling YOU to service their microscopes and YOU setting your own price for your work!  With the knowledge in this program, the days of having to hunt and peck and Hope someone has some work for you to make ends meet will be long gone because there are so many underserved markets EVERYWHERE!

For more information on this unique opportunity, watch the videos starting with this one:

Program pricing and special offer to first one hundred (100) people to sign up is on the video entitled, “The Big Reveal”.