Hedgehog Technology Consulting, LLC


  • Founded Date January 1, 2023
  • Sectors Computer & Tech
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  • Employer Type Business
  • Job Location Types Offered Remote
  • Company Size <10

Company Description

Hedgehog Technology Consulting, LLC delivers high-level technology solutions, primarily focused on data movement and system integration/automation using Apache Kafka and Python development.

Welcome!  I am Shanon Neumann, and the business that has become Hedgehog Technology Consulting, LLC originated as just me doing independent consulting work on the side of my full-time remote job, while traveling the country as a full-time RVer.  This January, I decided to organize into an LLC and work to grow the business, and as such I’m in search of some freelance talent to add to my team.

I’m currently working with one primary client, with a focus on a high-volume kafka data pipeline that brings together data from hundreds of their customer systems into their proprietary software platform for management and analysis.  Utilizing Confluent Platform, kafka, Python, SQL, bash scripting, and Powershell for various components of the pipeline itself as well as automations to support it.