20 Questions to Ask Work Camping Employers

Work Camping jobs are a little different and by those same standards, interviewing with Work Camping Employers is also a little different than what you might experience in a traditional job interview.

When you live and work on-site at facilities like campgrounds, as well as state and national parks, you’ll find that there are some things you need to know upfront to make sure your stay is comfortable and the job is as expected.

20 Questions To Ask Work Camping Employers

  1. What are the required dates for this position?
  2. What are the required job duties of this position?
  3. Do you have any positions for solo workers?
  4. What types of hookups are available?
  5. Can you describe a typical day?
  6. What is the dress code? Are uniforms provided?
  7. Are the employee sites mixed in with daily/monthly guests?
  8. Is cleaning bathrooms part of the job?
  9. Can you provide a written work agreement?
  10. Do you have a schedule already in place?
  11. What days and times are required?
  12. Are there any on-call hours?
  13. Are the same shifts available for couples?
  14. Can we have the same days off?
  15. Do you require a set number of hours in exchange for the site?
  16. Are additional hours, outside those required for the site available for pay?
  17. How many days before and after my employment dates can I occupy the site?
  18. What is the hourly wage you are offering?
  19. Is there a completion bonus?
  20. How many RVers do you hire each year and how many return?


We recommend you download a copy of these interview questions and keep them close for each interview you complete!